International Yoga Day 2022 celebration

Happy #international Day of yoga to all .

With blessings of Adiyogi Shiva –

#Swaraj yoga Institute & Wellness Retreat’s yogis and Yoginis- teachers lead yoga day celebrations with different organisations –

Indian Army – Sabri Brigade

Indian Army – Fearless 14 Maratha



Chenab valley Power Projects limited

Psychiatric Hospital Resham Ghar

ESI corporation Main office

ESI hospital

Dharamakot village community D’haramshala lead by Pawan Kapoor ji

Thanks to our Yoga teachers

Malti Sharma

Dr Malvi Gupta

Manik Slathia

Sahil Mahajan

Brij Bhushan

Neelam ji

And all the yoga enthusiasts who came, to hermitage of yoga .

A Hawan yagya was also performed for welfare of whole Humanity at our Himalayan centre Dharamkot D’haramshala by Founder Anil swaraj

May we all adopt yoga throughout the year to make our lives balanced, healthy and contented .

Let’s know today


One of the many names of Lord Shiva , is Yogeshwar , meaning ‘The lord of yoga’. It is Shiva who is the originator of Yoga .

And Yoga has become increasingly popular the world over, crossing boundaries of Age, Geography, and indeed, happily of Religion.

Yoga is a way of life , anyone has the right to be, and can be a yogi. Moving on from Sage Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, or the Gorakh Nath tradition’s difficult Hatha yoga, every now and then, one reads about newer and more innovative ‘forms’ of Yoga .There is Kundalini Yoga , Power Yoga , Vinyasa , Jivanmukti , Bikram yoga , Kriya yoga, and even interesting names like White lotus , Kali ray triyoga , and so much more.

But what is Yoga ? is it about a series of difficult postures called Asanas ? or is it a gateway to God ?

Great Yogis will tell you that Asanas are a seat to a much higher realm of Divinity .

Lord Shiva is the Primal abhyasi (practitioner), The Yogi par excellence. After having experimented on the Self innumerable times , and after carefully recording His findings in His own mind , He then guided His snake Karakota in all the eight limbs of the yoga He had Himself developed. The snake became the great Rishi Patanjali in his next birth. Remembering sincerely what his Lord had taught him, Patanjali laid down Shiva’s teachings as the Yog sutras for seekers to practise.

It is also known as Ashtanga yoga, or that which has Eight steps.

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga ( Eight limbed yoga) begins with:

1) Yama ( moral restraints or “do not dos” )

2) Niyama (moral observances or the” Dos” )

3) Asana. ( Seat )

4) Pranayama-the training of the prana or breath ,

5) Prathyahara-stopping the outward distraction of thoughts.

6) Dharana , focusing it on a single stream of thought on an object that is Divine, like God or Guru.

7) Dhyana -Meditation

8 ) Samadhi- Absorbtion into Universal consciousness.

The great Swami, Vivekananda summed it up :

” Realisation is real religion, the rest is preparation”

So, Yoga is not just a set of exercises. Asanas are only a seat for what Yoga really is: Yoga, is actually to conjoin with supreme consciousness. Yoga, is the discovery of the Divine self by itself.

Yoga is to deploy the body and mind to discover that you are not just a body and mind ! It is not becoming something new, but just becoming aware of what you have always been.

The Siva Sutras say that real Yoga is to become aware that you are essentially Siva Tattva, which constitutes all things of the world.

May Shiva bless all yoginis and yogis.


~ Shiva and Mysticism.

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