Yoga for diseases

Program Highlights: Yogic Management of your Disease –

Get healed by experienced sacred hands of Master Swaraj – 

Several Years of experience of handling numerous patients with typical Lifestyle diseases through yogic management of common disease methodology is an expertise area of our Master Teacher Anil Swaraj with decade of Hands on experience. So, Yoga for diseases is a customized need based yoga program with minimum one week course, where you shall be guided personally by Our Master Teacher – Anil Swaraj to create a whole – whole day holistic daily regime for your Disease symptoms management comprising of Yoga Asana Pranayama & other Yogic Kriyas to help you finally to get rid of all physical challenges. Your mind shall also be engineered by our Master to learn on – How to give directions to Prana- Life energy  for self management (Quantum Healing ) & cure of your own disease. Participant’s personal commitment to follow instructions given, dedication and involvement is utmost important to gain maximum positive results on his or her health.

Online consultation with Fee per session is also available

Basic Feedback sessions – You are heard patiently to understand your pain and sufferings minutely. The whole program is customized after understanding your medical history and profiling of Your current health status where you will be giving us all information verbally and also through a Dosha profiling form .Once we understand your whole constitution of body , Master Yoga teacher shall make a regime as per yoga principles to work for your health betterment at Physical Mental and spiritual level – 

You shall be learning specific designed Yogic sequence for your better Physical and mental health with a sense of positive future to live happily under all circumstances and challenges thrown by unpredictable Life ,and ultimately to help you lead yourself for  true salvation – 

Asanas: Physical body postures for your specific disease alon with self posture corrections are taught to create perfect body posture .

Pranyama: to purify body to manage & get rid of painful -Disease symptoms . 

Shatkarma: Cleansing of various body systems through art of Shatkarma practices.

Mudras and Bandhas – You are given a set of Hand Mudras  to practice and Life energy awakening kriyas – Kundalini Shakti Jagran Postures to heal yourself faster with the  Master’s Gracious presence .

Mantras– Sounds / Beeja Mantras / Prayers with mantra Chanting are jointly practiced for spiritual healing.

Psycho therapy sessions (Quantum Healing ) : Special interactive sessions are given to  eliminate all ill effects on your mind because of disease or otherwise to bring mental clarity and make you learn and adapt self Quantum Healing Process for the ongoing disease and to even manage future sufferings . 

Panch Mahbhutam Therapy  – You will made to understand , Sense feel experience and live practically with these five sacred elements of our existence – Ether, Air , Fire ,Water & Earth during the program . 

Ahara (Diet) – Complete knowledge of food ingredients – what to eat is good for you will be not only taught but will be shown & given to you to eat during your program and inculcation shall be created to take it back to home with you forever. Pathya and Apathya ahara shall be clear to you before the program ends.

Self  Abhyanga – Art of  Self Massage is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves massage of the diseased area or even entire body from the head to the toe with Dosha-specific warm herb-infused oil. You shall be learning and applying various massages yourself under the guidance of Master .    

Sleep – Yogic Practices (kriyas) for How to create a perfect sleep cycle shall be taught .

Other Gifts of the program – The program will not only ease your disease status but we are sure that you will carry other gifts as an end result of the Yoga program like Maitri ( Universal Friendship ) , Karuna ( Compassion ),Mudita (Art of being happy in happiness of others ), Upeksha ( No preferential treatments )  too for your ever blissful happy healthy future . 

Start Dates

Every Monday of   May to Nov Months   —Dharamshala  

To book-  whats APP – 94191 73617 

Pay by Paytm / Gpay — Logos

  • Slip Disc/Sciatica/Back Pain 
  • PCOD/PCOS/Utero ovarian Issues
  • Thyroid issues / Hhpo or Hyper  
  • Depression/Insomnia/COD
  • Ectopic Pregnancy 
  • Yoga for Infertility 
  • High BP /Low BP Management 
  • Arthritis 
  • Diabetes – Type 2
  • Cervical/Frozen shoulders
  • Spinal Cord Issues
  • Bell Palsy 
  • Xerostomia 
  • Tachycardia /Bradiardia 
  • High BP / Low BP 
  • Sinusitis 
  • Weight Gain / Reduce 
  • Common Skin Issues / Lichen Planus 
  • Liver Issues / Fatty Liver etc. 
  • Knee Pain / PCLT/ACLT
  • Sleep Apena
  • Asthma /Respiratory Issues 
  • Indigestion—Gas /Acidity etc
  • Short & Long Sightedness 
  • Healthy Heart Yoga 
  • Migraine /Headaches
  • Vertigo
  • Menstrual Discomforts 
  • Recovery after Chemo or Radiation
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Sinusitis

Pricing – Discounted Price  For National and International participants  : 

Course Fee  without stay and food –  offline -2 hrs per day -Five days a Week – (INR): 5000 INR

Online/Offline one Consultation Session 30 minutes – Rs 500 /- ( For booking whatsapp on our official Number – +91- 9796471111 )

Pricing course with shared accommodation Stay and Food- 6 Days   – Dharamshala India  Campus : Indians – Rs 13500/-

* Non Shared accommodation – Rs 18500/- 

Foreigners – Rs 17500 * Non-Shared Accommodation – Rs 21500 

Discount for extended stays of 20 percent from second week onwards .

Needy Poor Person : Totally Free Course – online or Offline  ( No stay is given ) 

What’s not included

  • Bus, railway or Airways fare
  • No insurance , medical or visa fee  
  • Yoga books( But available  on nominal price cost to cost ) 

Cancellation/Refund  Policy

  • A Booking / reservation requires a deposit of minimum 50% of the total price as per course options opted . Remaining payable before joining the class . 
  • For cancelling the registration before the start of the course, the original payment will be refunded less:

15 %   ie. INR payments of the payment made  – any time after booking until three months

25 % after 3 Months to the start of course date  

Full refund will only be granted where SYIWR has had to cancel the programme.


Daily Schedule for offline campus participants  at Dharamkot – Mcleoganj ,Dharamshala centre 

Daily schedule – Standard –

Note : A little change as per health conditions can be planned at the time of joining the program 

06:30 am Herbal Pure Natural Tea

07:00 am Detoxification cleanse practices – followed by Pranayama – Breathing and meditation

07:30  am  Hatha – Ashtanga – Traditional yoga – Asana Practice classes 

09:30am Breakfast

10:30 am Abhaynga – Massage, Ahara Understanding for your disease , Posture corrections / Panch Bhutam Therapies 

11:30 Self-alignment  practice

12:30 p.m Lunch

13:30  Free time – for nature walks 

14:30 Tea

16:30  Psycho therapy sessions – Quantum Healing 

6:30  Mantra – Meditation – Mantras/ Beej Mantra practices for specific diseases, Yog Nidra Tratka – Kriyas 

7.30 pm Dinner 

22:00 Lights off

Check-in Time:


Check-out Time:


During the training program, you will be comfortably- accommodated with eco friendly type accommodations and if all booked then you shall be accommodated  in our approved associate Rooms  just in walking distance around our place  with  all facilities as per guidelines mentioned here- . The  rooms are  on sharing as well as the private basis with comfortable bed and bedding , Bathrooms ( attached and non attached options ) and other basic facilities .

Note : Stay and Food – In this program we always try to accommodate you in our campus or will arrange accommodation just around us. Sattvik Food as per your Ayurveda dosha profiling  and as per your disease shall be provided by our kitchen . 

Tents , Mud Houses, Tin Cabins – accommodation – 

As our campus is amidst the beauty of nature  with lot of trees ,flowers ,  Himalayan birds and farming fields all around ,you shall be staying in one of  our natural type accommodation  with clean wash rooms . 

Being a Yoga centre , please expect only  purely Yoga  ashram-like living with not too much  luxury and such natural ashram environment is always conducive  to encourage our  yoga learning process . Although  modern facilities like Wi-Fi, hot water, and much more which we feel is now difficult to do without for the participant are available as per need . 

We  represent an organic , return to nature, no harm to nature  and  a simpler way of living, which is very different to a hotel stay . We are sure that you would love and appreciate this dimension of living too which is more real and close to nature means close to our inner core – our own bliss body . Generally there is a more community type  atmosphere and so often an expectation that students/ guests will  also pitch in to help our workers to help campus function smoothly under Good Karma .  So make it a memorable learning experience for yourself and  all present  around without any Anger .


24-hour hot &  cold water

Filtered – Free Drinking water 

Free Detox  at our place only – Alkaline Mineral magic water to detox as per individual Needs 

Attached and Non attached bathrooms  

Bed with Blankets, mattress, Bed sheet  only – No towel or any toiletries are given * Student should buy such stuff themselves .

Free Detox Tea – Max Three 

Common Dining area along with – Traditional Old Himachali Village Type –  Rustic  Kitchen 

Laundry service – Washing Machine available  and also  Available on reasonable payment –  very near to campus 

Health & Hygiene

Offering our guests/students a clean campus is our utmost priority 

Uses cleaning organic &Govt prescribed mixtures  that are effective against various Flu & coronavirus  .

Guest accommodation is disinfected periodically during stay tenure or whenever needed  .

Equipment like props ropes and others used for activities are disinfected before and/or after use.

The new norm of Physical distancing is a practice we all must agree upon 

Cashless payment available.

Safety features

Hand sanitizer available in key areas.

Process in place to check the health of  participants 

First aid kit available.

Protective masks are available for all staff and students 

Note – Only fully vaccinated Students/Guests are welcome to apply 

For International Students

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